It’s Just Not the Same Without Coleslaw

This is the just for fun section. The title originates from my friend Jill’s enthusiasm for coleslaw. Because doesn’t support two true blog pages, I’ll add new amusements to the top. If you want to share something that tickled you, leave it in the comment box, and I may include it. Politically neutral laughter-inducing items only please—I want as many people as possible to feel welcome. Disclaimer: this page may contain an excess of cat-related humor.

kitten vs. two scary thingskitten and two apples on a bed

The musical score puts this one in a league of its own. View kitten vs. two scary things video.

Three-year-old conductor

This kid is good! View three year old conducting Beethoven video.

facebook in real life

May make you reconsider friending, liking, and following. View Can I Be Your Friend video.

Two year old Tells “jack and the Beanstalk”

baby telling storyThis kid has a future on stage. View two year old telling “Jack and the Beanstalk” video. Semi-captioned.

Cat vs. Internet

Oh my god, this is my cat. Of course you know who wins. Thanks to my cousin Will for this one. For those of you who are cat people, there are more comics on this site that guarantee amusement. View cat vs. internet comic.

Hamster on a Piano

hamster lying on its back on a piano eating popcorn

Just what it says. I don’t know why it’s funny, but it is. Thanks to whoever keeps reposting it to youtube. View Hamster on a Piano video.


Funniest Dracula cartoon I’ve ever seen. Perhaps the only Dracula cartoon I’ve ever seen.

Cat v. Printer

cat batting at a printer

This cat is British, apparently. View cat v. printer video.

Getting from Here to There

Go to Google Maps, click Get Directions, start destination USA, end destination Japan. Click Get Directions. Scroll down to #31.

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