Moving on

Even the best of beginnings inevitably entail endings. There doesn’t seem to be any getting around the reality that change involves the breaking—or at least loosening—of some bonds and the creation of others.

I will start a new job soon, a job I’m excited about. This week, though, I’ve felt rather wistful and melancholy about leaving my current office. I like to think of it as overachieving to get nostalgic about a place while still there.

Some things that make me sad:
•    No longer being on the About page of our website
•    My desk not being my desk
•    Not being invited to birthday lunches anymore
•    Most of all, no longer seeing the people I currently work with on a daily basis

We choose so few of our relationships in life. With the exception of spouses, the selection of the people we spend the most time with—our families and our coworkers—is beyond our control. We get to pick among the applicants for a job, but because a person is so much more than a collection of skills, an hour-long interview gives little idea of who will walk through the door.

I’ve been extraordinarily lucky in my current officemates and how much we enjoy each other. Everyone knows the work-day rituals; there is comfort in the well-worn grooves of relationships and the familiarity of our banter. We laugh a lot. And these people all make really good food—the importance of that talent cannot be underestimated.

I will see these folks again, but lives get busy and there is no substitute for time spent together. The group I’m joining is similarly tight knit and good humored, so the future is bright. But for now, I want to acknowledge how much I appreciate my current crew and how much I will miss them.

5 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Hey, I will miss you. Who can I go to immediately and talk to about paddleboarding, windsurfing, biking…….A friendly smile and eager ears….
    I am really proud of your accomplishments and the timing is just right.
    Let’s make a pact to keep in touch and do the gym thing…maybe surfing, etc.
    Have a great soulful trip to Yosemite…It is okay if you do not writer the whole time. Love, Katie

  2. This one made me teary-eyed the first time I read it and the second time. You will be great in your new job and you will be missed by the current crew!

  3. Rachel, you have taught me so much in the time we have worked together. We made a good team! Thank you for your time, knowledge, patience, encouragement, humor, and your joyful smile. Your new office is so very lucky to have you and know this office will miss you terribly.
    See you around campus! M 🙂

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