Painting Lessons

If you thought that painting your house was not the activity most likely to produce profound philosophical insights, you were right. Here are some mostly not-so-deep but potentially useful lessons learned from my recent painting adventure:

  • Before you pick up the cat that’s been locked in the garage for five hours, make doubly sure the paint on your hands is actually dry.
  • Abba is good painting music. Wait to start dancing until your roller has made contact with the wall.
  • If you know it’s going to take two days to paint your bedroom and you’ve put your bed in the middle of a pile of furniture covered by plastic, don’t put the air mattress you’ll need to sleep on under the plastic with everything else.
  • If you forget the advice above, have the good sense to look in the garage to see if by any chance you put the air mattress there instead of under the plastic as you thought you did.
  • Invite lots of friends. Some of them will come, and they will make your life so much more fun. Plus, a lot more paint will get on the walls in a shorter amount of time.
  • Tall people have amazing super powers that allow them to reach high ceilings in a single bound. Ok, there was no bounding, but there was also no ladder.
  • The back swing of someone using the long handle for the paint roller is dangerous. Use the skills you learned playing Mario Brothers to time your crossings on the upswing.
  • Plan some time to put things away. Otherwise it will be Thursday and all your stuff will still be shoved together in the middle of the room. Or at least so I imagine. Clearly I wouldn’t do anything like that.

4 thoughts on “Painting Lessons

  1. Unfair! Laughing made me cough! Well, if I hadn’t gotten sick we would have at least gotten the plastic off the top of the bed on Wednesday night. : )

  2. what colors did you select for each of your rooms, AND do each of the colors (in each room) like living next to each other . . . ?

    :- ) Sent from my iPad


    • Oops, I put this in the chain instead of as a reply to you–reposting in case you didn’t see the other:

      I’m a coward when it comes to committing to color on the walls. They’re a warm white. Plus I like how white brightens up a room.

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