Meeting Thursday

Thursday means multiple things in my life—playing soccer, blogging, receiving freshly baked bread from my mom (Yum!). This Thursday arrived particularly well-dressed, with the still-full moon hanging over the ocean in the morning while first light painted the sky in pastels.

In a conversation later in the day, one person noted gratefully that it was almost Friday, and within moments, another said that the week had gone by quickly. The rapid passing of our limited time on this Earth becomes more apparent as we age, yet we sometimes hurry it along all the more.

We complete one task while already focused on the next. We get through the day so we can go home. We wish for the week to end as we look forward to the weekend’s activities. We are surprised by how quickly time passes yet rarely inhabit the moment we’re in.

This week, Thursday knocked loudly enough to get through my preoccupations and say, hey, it’s me, Thursday, and I’m pretty cool. Let’s hang out. (Yes, Thursday is apparently a California surfer—who knew?)

Each moment contains multiple levels of living. What we are doing at any particular moment is certainly part of that, even if we’re doing “nothing.” But if we stay only on that level, we’ll never meet Thursday, and we’ll never meet ourselves.

These encounters require a different kind of attention, an awareness—or an openness to being aware—of eternity, the infinite depth of connection present between each tick of the clock. We are part of eternity now. We are already endlessly connected. We can dwell in eternity when we’re in the office, at the grocery store, or on the couch at home.

Eternity is waiting within and around us every day of the week. We need only pay attention to meet it.

4 thoughts on “Meeting Thursday

  1. Yeah! Glad you had a good Thursday.for me I have to take a beat – or more than one beat – to look beyond, or into something. Ok, it’s an oak leaf – but oh my gosh, it’s, it’s, it’s – astonishing. Love.

  2. I’m reading this Friday and I did have that one thing crashing into another DAY yesterday, but…..after my last mentoring of young ghost-story tellers (getting nervous as Wed. next week approaches and their “can I be in the show?” is shrinking), I took myself out to dinner at a favorite Italian restaurant which has completely remodeled since I was there last. They also put in a full bar (after years of just wine and beer.) AND I ordered the drink my mother used to love – a “up” Manhattan. Suddenly she was there with me, chatting with me and the owner, alive and smiling from the spirit world which she transitioned to in ’87). WOW. Time flies in so many ways. Thanks as always for helping us slow down, notice, BE where we ARE. I went to dance this a.m. – that’s MY version of TGIF – and as often happens – kind of like when i read your sweet JUST BE-centered blogs – I feel so much more present. LOTS to do today too and two (yes) funerals to attend tomorrow…. but, glad to find this “Thursday” post. Who knew Thursday was a surfer for YOU and a Mom I miss for me!! Happy All Saints coming up! Marni

  3. Your last paragraph reminds me of something Ilia Delio emphasized during a recent retreat. She said that the “takeaway” for us of Teilhard’s notion that the universe is evolving into a deeper consciousness and experience of love, is that we are not alone. I have been trying to recollect and reflect on this “takeaway” in the hopes that it will infuse my awareness and experience of my life. Somehow the idea that “we are a part of eternity now” corresponds to the recognition that we are not alone. I suppose it depends on whether you regard the infinite as personal, as endowed with being, consciousness and love.

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